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  • 2021. June 04.
  • Glue

Choosing the best eyelash glue is a key step for any eyelash designer. The proper eyelash glue helps the speed of the work, does not cause irritation and last but not least, makes the built eyelash line durable. Because of the different circumstances, there isn’t a single glue that works for everyone, but now you can find out what criteria you can use to choose the best eyelash glue for you.


Consider the followings in order to select the best eyelash glue for your job

Speed of work

If you are a beginner, you will probably need an adhesive with a slower setting time, as it may take more time at first to isolate and fit the lashes. After a lot of practice, the eyelash application will go faster and faster so you may need faster and faster glue. For experienced eyelash stylists, we already offer super-fast bonding adhesives in 0.5-1 seconds, which can be used quickly and efficiently. It is important to choose the right glue for your speed, as if you choose a glue that is too fast, the glue will set before joining, which means you cannot achieve lasting results. Choosing an adhesive that is too slow can lead to sticking and isolation defects, which destroys the natural lash stock and also does not bring lasting results. Long Lashes eyelash adhesive range also include slower and faster glues to make sure everyone finds the right one for them.

Technique and sequence of application 

Slow setting eyelash glues are mostly recommended for the application of 1D classic technique. Due to the increased number of lashes, you need to work more precisely and faster with double or volume eyelash sets, for which an eyelash adhesive with a much faster setting time is needed.

Based on our experts’ experience we consider the following sequence of lash application to be the most effective: isolation of the lashes – pick-up fans from the adhesive strip – dip it into glue - application. Of course, each person might prefer different way of the application process, but we think it is much more practical to isolate the desired lashes before dipping in the lash glue, as in some cases the isolation may last longer than average, so you may lose valuable seconds after dipping it in the glue. To achieve maximum durability in every corner of the lash line, we need to work at the same pace for all parts of the lash line. In general, the outer and inner corners of the eyes can be the most difficult. In these areas, you should pay close attention to the right application process.

The temperature and humidity of the room

To choose the best eyelash glue, it is essential to be aware of the temperature and humidity in your room, as these two factors significantly affect the properties and effectiveness of your eyelash glue. In general, the higher the temperature and humidity, the faster the eyelash adhesive sets. At low temperatures and low humidity, the setting time of the eyelash glue slows down. Most eyelash adhesives can form the most secure bond at room temperature and 40-60% humidity, so you can make durable sets under these conditions.

You can influence the temperature and humidity of your room with devices such as humidifiers or dehumidifiers or air conditioners, depending on the result you want to achieve. In the description of each Long Lashes eyelash glue, you will find the conditions under which the given adhesive can work most effectively, and with the help of the Long Lashes heat and humidity meter you can always check the heat and humidity of your room. This tool should be a standard piece for any eyelash stylist, as tracking this information is essential for proper adhesive use.


Eyelash extensions have now grown into an entire business, as a result of which a large number of professionals perform exclusively eyelash extensions activities. This means that eyelash stylists are constantly exposed to the harmful effects of adhesive vapor for 6-8-10 or even several hours a day. In some cases, the allergens in the eyelash glue can saturate the body, leading to allergies. Not only professionals but also guests who are more sensitive to allergens are exposed to the harmful effects of adhesive vapor. So, it is very important to choose a low evaporation adhesive on the one hand and to do everything possible to prevent the development of allergies on the other hand. Prevention is the most important step, as there is little chance of helping an established allergy.

You can reduce the chances of allergic reactions with special products from Long Lashes. Long Lashes Anti Allergy gel, for example, binds volatile adhesive vapor in the air, thus reducing irritation. And with the Long Lashes Superbonder, you can set the lash glue immediately after application. In this way, your guest is not exposed to adhesive vapors for days. We also recommend using a proper facial mask as much as possible.

Storage and use of glues

The quality of eyelash adhesives decreases steadily after opening and becomes completely unusable after about a month. So, it is very important to provide the right conditions for our adhesive during this time, preventing premature drying.

So, it is not enough to choose and buy the right eyelash glue, because if not stored and used properly, the quality of our favourite glue can be ruined very quickly.

The following tips will help you maintain the quality of your eyelash glue during use or even extend its life, which is by no means an impossible try.

Tip 1

Store your adhesive before and after opening in a dry, cool, light-protected place. The best choice for this is the Long Lashes Vacuum container, as this box seals your glue, protects it from light and ensures even humidity. You can place up to 3 pieces of glue at a time.

Tip 2

Keep the beak of your glue bottle clean. Each time you drip, wipe the bottle clean and close the cap tightly. It is important not to use cotton material for this purpose. The Long Lashes lint-free adhesive wipe does not react with the glue, it does not block the glue nozzle, you can keep your glue perfectly clean.

Tip 3

Eyelash adhesives are generally able to form the most durable bond at 40-50% humidity. So, it is important to ensure proper humidity in the room where you work. To do this, you may want to purchase a humidity meter and, if necessary, a humidifier or dehumidifier.

Tip 4

Change your adhesive frequently while eyelash extensions. If you notice that the dripped glue becomes sticky and thicker then it’s time to drip it again. With this simple tip, you can increase the durability of your sets so your guests will be satisfied and come back to you again.

Tip 5

The quality of professional eyelash glue is loosened within a month, after opening. Therefore, it is be