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Long Lashes the choice of beauty queens

  • 2022. June 24.

It’s been 10 years since Long Lashes professional eyelash extension brand has entered the Hungarian beauty market. From that time many beauticians have choosen the brand from different countries. It is always a pleasure to have the trust of qualified lash stylists. Daniella Kiss, 2015 Miss World Hungary, lash stylist shares her opinion in connection with her loved brand, Long Lashes.

Long Lashes the choice of beauty queens

We are in a lucky situation, because you worked as a lash stylist for many years. When did you first meet our brand?

Yes, I worked as a lash stylist for 6 years. From the very beginning I only worked with Long Lashes products. I loved it and so did my guests, because the products were always trendy, easy to work with and gave me spectacular, long-lasting results.


What do you think is the reason for the popularity of wearing false eyelashes?

Wearing false eyelashes makes women's everyday lives much easier. Everyday preparations take much less time and less make-up is needed, as false eyelashes brighten up the whole face.


How does this manifest itself in your life?

I have a lot of photo shoots and media appearances where I have to look perfect. Then there are the business meetings, my own branding. So I always have to look my best and wearing false eyelashes is a great help.


How does Long Lashes help?

Long Lashes products are amazing. For example, there's Superbonder, which is a miracle product. After the application of false eyelashes, it's not recommended to work out, wash your hair or go swimming. It's a shame there weren't such an innovative product when I was making lashes.

Besides Superbonder, do you have any other favourite Long Lashes products?

Yes! My lashes are done with Master Collection glue, which doesn't sting or irritate and I have sensitive eyes. I also find Extreme Volume Silk and Luxury Mink lashes very long lasting and comfortable to wear. I love the special M and L curves that are also available in the Long Lashes range. In addition, proper aftercare is very important to me, which I do with Long Lashes Eyelash Cleansing Foam.


As we all know, you prefer lush, dramatic lash sets. Is that possible with Long Lashes? 

Of course! I always like my lash sets to be lush and full to the max. To achieve this, I have my lash fillers every 2-3 weeks. I usually wear a 4-5-6D lash set, which is no problem at all, as wearing Long Lashes lashes is extra comfortable and my natural lash stock is perfectly healthy.


What would you say to eyelash stylists about Long Lashes products? 

I think Long Lashes are the perfect choice for all eyelash stylists. I don't think there is another brand that is on the market for 10 years and is constantly able to innovate. As well as the new design being stunningly beautiful, I think it's important that Long Lashes products are widely available at an affordable price. A huge range, professional quality, a constantly renewing product range and professional training. I heartily recommend.