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Long Lashes Eye Pad Guide

  • 2021. December 15.

One of the basic principles of eyelash extensions is that you only can achieve professional results with exclusive professional materials and tools. However, due to the constant change in products and preferences, it is easy to get lost in the wide range of products. So it is with eye patches. If you want to find your way around the world of eye patches, stay with us and learn about the benefits of each type and how to use them properly.

Long Lashes Eye Pad Guide

Choosing the right eye patches and using them correctly will go a long way in achieving a long lasting and aesthetic result. The eye patches ensure the separation of the lower lashes, provide a uniform background for application and provide the right support for the insolating tweezers.  However, we are talking about a very sensitive area, so it doesn't matter what material we use. Sensitive eye area can be easily irritated by high-active eye pads. Poorly chosen or misplaced eyepads not only cause inflammation and discomfort, but also lead to improper isolation, sticking and fitting problems.

Get to know the selection of Long Lashes professional eyepads! 

Hydrogel eyepads:

Hydrogel eyepdas are disposable eyepads that contain natural active ingredients. Thanks to their gel coating and ergonomic design, they fit most eye shapes and are able to adhere the lower lashes even without the use of extra adhesive tape. The surface that contact with the sensitive eye area prevents the skin from losing fluid and even hydrates it continuously thanks to the collagen enclosed in the hydrogel layer. Their outer layer is made of lint-free material to prevent the eyepads from fluffing during application.

Highly active eye pads:

Highly active, disposable eye pads are also coated with gel. These eyelids are designed to ‘push’ the active ingredient into the skin around the eyes during the application. Their great advantage is that it has an intense anti-wrinkle, firming, soothing and moisturizing effect. Their use during the application beautifies the eye area as a kind of extra feature. Their disadvantage is that they are thicker than their traditional hydrogel counterparts, cannot be fitted to all eye shapes and the high active ingredient content can cause irritation in some case. The Long Lashes Q10 eyepads has been specially developed for eyelash extensions and can be fitted to most eye shapes thanks to its ergonomic design. It rejuvenates the skin thanks to its Q10 content.

Microfoam tapes:

The use of foam tapes has become increasingly popular in recent years, which is not surprising as their shape can be fully customized with the help of scissors. Foam tapes are made of medical grade, elastic, flexible material so they do not cause irritation. With their use, perfect adhesion is achieved and they are also able to dissipate tears. In addition to the traditional 2.5 cm wide microfoam foam patch, Long Lashes offers a 5 cm wide slim microfoam foam patch made exclusively for us. In Hungary, we are the only ones to have this type of foam patch, which, thanks to its 5cm width, provides a more economical use than its traditional 2.5cm wide pair. It is thinner than a traditional foam patch so it does not push up on the lashes.

Reusable eyepads:

The reusable eye pads are made of silicone and do not contain skin irritants, so they are also recommended for clients with sensitive eyes. It is definitely the most economical type of underlay, as it can be applied up to 100 times with proper cleaning and disinfection. It has a self-adhesive, non-slip coating, very soft and one of the most comfortable to wear, but it is the thickest of all the eyepads. Not all eye shapes can be used without pushing over the top lashes. We recommend using Long Lashes silicone eye pads with all their advantages and disadvantages, but at least try them once for all professionals.

Japanese breathable tapes:

The use of Japanese breathable tapes has become widespread among eyelash stylists over the past few years. Tapes containing a breathable natural adhesive can even be used as an eye patch on their own, as they do not cause irritation and dissipate tears. It won't be thick when stacked on top of each other so it doesn't push up on the upper lash line. It is also suitable for performing certain special adhesive tape techniques that are most commonly used on the eyelids.

Adhesive tapes:

Adhesive tapes are an additional option in cases where it is not possible to 100% separate the bottom lashes from the top. They stabilize its position when sticked to the eye pads and thanks to the complete separation, can be used to prevent sticking to the lower lash line.

Proper placement of the eyepads is also key, as a poorly placed eyepads not only causes inflammation and discomfort, but also leads to improper isolation, sticking, and fitting problems. Use the check-list below to make sure you did everything right before applying.

Check list for placing eyepads:

  • Make sure the eyepads does not touch the client's eyes when open or closed
  • Make sure you have separated all the lower lashes, even with use of extra tape
  • Make sure the eyepads do not press up the top lashes
  • Make sure the eyepads hold their position stably
  • Before you begin application make sure that the eyepads comfortable for your clients
  • Do not use high-performance eye pads on sensitive eyes, as they may cause irritation

We hope that his blog was useful and with its help you find the best eyepads among Long Lashes’s supply.