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History of eyelash extension

  • 2021. June 08.

The history of eyelash extensions goes back much longer than we might think. The eyelash extension techniques known today became popular in the 2000s, but people have been in need of enchanting eyelashes for much longer. In ancient Egypt, there had already been attempts to make lashes more noticeable and longer with initial paints and brushes, as they had been associated with a symbolic meaning. With the development of technology and science, eyelash extensions have evolved into an entire industry today, making life easier for countless women around the world in a modern way.

History of eyelash extension

The history of false eyelashes was started in 1916 and linked to American film director David W. Griffith. He was the one who tried to emphasize the actress Seena Owen’s eyes by using a technique similar to today’s false eyelashes. Not long after, similar false eyelashes were used in most Hollywood movies. However, the evolution of reusable, strip lashes lasted until the late 80’s, and the need for a much more natural and long-lasting solution persisted.

Strip lashes                                                             Flare lashes

The introductory technique of eyelash extensions known today, the 1D classic (then 3D) technique, originated in Asia in the ’90s, but its true popularity is due to Hollywood stars who preferred to use the lash extension service in the 2000s. Back then, eyelash extensions were a luxury service and could only be afforded by celebrities like Paris Hilton or Jennifer Lopez. Thanks to the role models of the stars, it is no longer just the privilege of the movie stars to have a long, full line of lashes and a mesmerizing look.

Using the classic 1D technique, we can still create a very durable, natural-looking lash set based on applying 1 false eyelash to 1 natural lash fiber. Today, in 2021, this technique remained popular with guests who like naturalness, and it serves as a perfect basis for eyelash stylists to learn the increasingly popular multi-D eyelash building techniques.

During 1D eyelash extension, a strand of false eyelashes is placed on a natural lash

With the continuous development of the products, thinner fibers were born, which created 2D and Volume techniques. These eyelash extensions techniques allow more than 1 strand of false eyelashes to be placed on 1 natural eyelash without destroying the natural lash stock. By applying more false eyelashes to 1 natural lash, we can achieve a richer and more dramatic effect.

Using the 2D technique, 2 false eyelash strands are applied to 1 natural lash. This gives you a richer yet natural looking lash set. With the 2D technique we can already correct the imperfections and asymmetries of natural lashes. The 2D technique can be applied in several ways. Per strand, fitted to the natural lash from the side or fanned with volume tweezers.

2D eyelash fan

Thanks to the extreme thin lashes with a thickness of 0.07 and 0.05 diameters, nowadays the 3-6D Russian Volume lash sets can be made, which provide a solution for those who like a more spectacular, dramatic effect. The technology originated in Russia and soon conquered the world. With the Russian Volume technique, 3-6 false eyelashes are applied to 1 natural eyelash. This is made not per strand, but mostly creating a fan by using volume tweezers. With the help of the volume increase we can completely correct the shortcomings of the natural lashes and the possible asymmetry can be improved by 100%.

3D isolated eyelash fan

The Mega Volume eyelash sets are also originated in Russia, and they result in an extremely dense and dramatic effect of 8-10-12D. Generally, the fans are made manually due to the number of false lashes, but it is also feasible only with tweezers. Of course, for this, the thinnest lashes with a thickness of 0.03 diameter should be used.

Dramatic Mega Volume eyelashes

By 2021, therefore, the range of eyelash extensions services has expanded in such a way that any guest can find the service that suits them best, from lovers of natural effect to lovers of dramatic effect. In addition to eyelash extensions, popular services include eyelash lifting, which allows you to get the most out of your natural lashes. The procedure, which provides 6-8 weeks of durability, is available with a 1-hour treatment, which makes the guest's lashes longer, richer and more pronounced. The procedure can also be supplemented with eyelash tinting, and the result is long, curved, black natural lashes.



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