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Everything about eyelash extensions

The Long Lashes brand name is associated with the concepts of a wide product range, competitive pricing, and innovative products today. It became one of the market leaders due to it is large distribution network and availability nationwide and its product portfolio includes everything you need to start, operate and succeed in the lash business. With its extensive education system, it offers special opportunity to those who want to study. They would not only make their knowledge marketable but they would become also leaders in their field through continuous training.

The brand, that almost everyone knows and recognizes

There is almost no lash stylist in Hungary who has not worked with one of the brand's products at least once, who wouldn’t have tried it, or put her vote next to it for a lifetime, using it in her daily work. The acknowledgement of Long Lashes doesn’t come as a surprise. It has been able to reach almost every corner and almost every lash stylist of the country through its activity in recent years. All this was achieved with innovations in training and trade that have clearly put Long Lashes brand among the market leaders.

The brand, that made history

  • We were among the first to create a product range that allows an eyelash artist to get from opening a salon to working successfully.
  • Through our distributor system, we were the first to make eyelash extensions products available all across the country.
  • We were among the first to offer training courses nationwide at our wholesaler partners and on the World of Beauty tour.
  • We were the first to launch a Beauty Consultant training, where participants were able to master lashing techniques and became professional eyelash artists.
  • We were among the first to organize a nationwide competition for eyelash stylist to measure themselves among the best and we have already held this event four times.

Alveola, which is a guarantee of quality

Behind the Long Lashes brand stands Alveola Ltd., that is one of the key players on the beauty market.  The name of the company is a guarantee of success and it means quality. Alveola is the exclusive distributor of many international brands and has successfully launched several private label product lines, one of the best known is Solanie.

Long Lashes raw materials, products and tools are sourced from the world’s largest manufacturers and through a strict quality control system they are put on the shelves of Alveola and our exclusive wholesaler partners.

What we offer:

  • Top quality materials and tools
  • Competitive prices
  • Constantly expanding and renewing selection
  • Quality education, professional instructors
  • Continuous monitoring of current trends

We help the work of our beauticians and eyelash artists with constantly renewed products and special offers. We place the greatest emphasis on practice in our training courses, so that our trained professionals can perform their work with confidence and quality, therefore their guests can return in the future with maximum satisfaction and in turn lash artists choose Long Lashes products for their everyday work again and again.