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Join our lash designer community…

… and enjoy all the benefits of one of the largest professional communities in Hungary.


Why is it worth?

  • Regular professional consultation with our experts
  • Products available within 48 hours
  • Basic and advanced training courses continuously
  • Exclusive one-on-one trainings
  • Regular product promotions
  • Loyalty point collection and redemption
  • VIP salon program

If you require a customer card or join our VIP program, contact us here.

Become a regional trainer…

.. and step out of your everyday life, so you can teach, perform and create trends for the next generation.

Why is it worth?

  • Exclusive professional community
  • Master's level trainings with international and domestic professionals
  • Regular meetings, workshops
  • Individual and group trainings advertised by us
  • Our beauty academy provides a professional safety net and Alveola Ltd. gives you the commercial support
  • Active participation in the development of new products
  • Recognition and fame of our teaching team

If you would like to join our trainer team, please send us your contact information here.