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Get to know the New Long Lashes Luxury Volume Mink eyelash collection!

We have created the highest quality Mink lashes made of 100% premium synthetic Mink fibers! With Mink lashes, which most closely resemble natural lash fibers, you can achieve a real luxury effect. The fibers are very fine, soft and silky in addition to being ultra light and with increased durability. Mink fibers reflect light minimally, so your finished eyelash set is not completely matte, but it does have a matte effect. By using it, you can also highlight the beauty of classic eyelash sets, but you can enjoy its benefits most when making double and volume lash sets. Long Lashes Luxury Volume Mink lashes are made by hand and machine and each tray goes through a two-phase quality control by the time it gets to you!

Discover the Long Lashes Premium Premade Volume Fan collection!

Would you like to save time on making volume fans? To the delight of eyelash stylists and clients, we are launching premade volume fans to speed up volume lashing without ruining client’s natural lashes!

History of eyelash extension

The history of eyelash extensions goes back much longer than we might think. The eyelash extension techniques known today became popular in the 2000s, but people have been in need of enchanting eyelashes for much longer. In ancient Egypt, there had already been attempts to make lashes more noticeable and longer with initial paints and brushes, as they had been associated with a symbolic meaning. With the development of technology and science, eyelash extensions have evolved into an entire industry today, making life easier for countless women around the world in a modern way.


Choosing the best eyelash glue is a key step for any eyelash designer. The proper eyelash glue helps the speed of the work, does not cause irritation and last but not least, makes the built eyelash line durable. Because of the different circumstances, there isn’t a single glue that works for everyone, but now you can find out what criteria you can use to choose the best eyelash glue for you.

New Long Lashes Fan Liquid with Coconut Scent

Do you have trouble with lash fanning? Are you annoyed because after dipping the fully made lash fans into the glue, it keeps leaking and ruins the fans? With the new Long Lashes Fan Liquid your problem is solved. Always create perfect fans, design a single frame line and take your work to a higher level!