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Long Lashes Eye Pad Guide

One of the basic principles of eyelash extensions is that you only can achieve professional results with exclusive professional materials and tools. However, due to the constant change in products and preferences, it is easy to get lost in the wide range of products. So it is with eye patches. If you want to find your way around the world of eye patches, stay with us and learn about the benefits of each type and how to use them properly.

Get to know Long Lashes Luxury Power Black glue

Can’t provide the ideal temperature and humidity for eyelash adhesives? Long Lashes Luxury Power Black adhesive works perfectly at 18-27 ° C and 40-70% humidity. Forget about switching to winter-summer glues, you can work with Long Lashes Luxury Power glue all year round! Thin formula with a comfortable 1 second setting time in classic black color that can form strong bonds even in extreme conditions!

Get to know the New Long Lashes Luxury Volume Mink eyelash collection!

We have created the highest quality Mink lashes made of 100% premium synthetic Mink fibers! With Mink lashes, which most closely resemble natural lash fibers, you can achieve a real luxury effect. The fibers are very fine, soft and silky in addition to being ultra light and with increased durability. Mink fibers reflect light minimally, so your finished eyelash set is not completely matte, but it does have a matte effect. By using it, you can also highlight the beauty of classic eyelash sets, but you can enjoy its benefits most when making double and volume lash sets. Long Lashes Luxury Volume Mink lashes are made by hand and machine and each tray goes through a two-phase quality control by the time it gets to you!

Discover the Long Lashes Premium Premade Volume Fan collection!

Would you like to save time on making volume fans? To the delight of eyelash stylists and clients, we are launching premade volume fans to speed up volume lashing without ruining client’s natural lashes!

Discover Long Lashes eyelash tweezers

Nowadays there are countless eyelash tweezers to choose from. Straight, slant, bent, volume, duck… so it's easy to get confused, isn’t? Now we are going to share with you how to choose tweezers, which tweezers are suitable for which operation, and how to use your favourite tweezers so that you can work with them in the long run.