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Long Lashes Superbonder


Forget the 24-48 hour golden rule with Long Lashes Superbonder. Instantly bonds the adhesive, cut vaporization, reduces the chance of irritations and allergic reactions, beside maximalizes the lasting.

11 999 Ft
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For professional and long-lasting work use Long Lashes Superbonder. Long Lashes Superbonder instantly polymerises the glue, so your clients can forget the 24-48 hour rule, don't have to protect lashes from wet. As the adhesive bonds instantly, we cut vaporization, so we can avoid the irritation of the eyes and reduce the appearance of allergic reactions. The superbonder alloys with the adhesive and shrivels moisture from it, this effectively closes the bonds and promotes tight binding, which increases the lasting of the built eyelashes.

Why worth to use Long Lashes Superbonder?

  • Increases the built lashes durability with even 30%
  • Reduces the chance of irritation and allergic reactions
  • Fast usage, quick drying time
  • Works with any adhesive 
  • Usable with every lash extension technique 
  • Temperature and humidity don't effect the usage
  • Cost-effective, one bottle is enough for 150-200 clients
  • No need to use with Nano Mist 
  • Recommended for even customers with sensitive eyes

How to use?

If you are done with the lash set, wait 2-3 minutes, before applying Long Lashes Superbonder thinly to the glue zone with a micro brush. After 2-3 minutes of drying, your guest can even go swimming.

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